24 Jul | The Annual Report 2017 – More than an Invaluable Reference Book

The Bremen Cotton Exchange’s annual report 2017 has been published in German and English language. Measuring 104 pages, the report is a very useful reference book on the raw material cotton not only for the members of the association Bremen Cotton Exchange, but also for any cotton processing companies, wholesale and retail, service providers, just as banks and insurances or consulters, for research institutes, students, NGOs and the politics. The book also enables the reader to learn more about the range of activity of the Bremen Cotton Exchange, and its use for the cotton sector.

Part 1, comprising 60 pages and thus exhibiting the largest share, features the international cotton market – in particular the development of production, consumption, world trade and market prices. Excursuses inform on the relevance of Identity Cottons as well as the world market for long and extra-long staple cottons. 66 descriptive charts and illustrations with figures and facts allow a fast overview of the economic importance of the raw material cotton.

Part 2 covers the Bremen Cotton Exchange’s range of activity in the past year. It keeps records on the annual ordinary general assembly of the association and presents the Presidents and the Board as well as the directorate and committees. Part 2 also reports on new cotton standards, the number of quality arbitrations and classings as well as the Bremen value differences. It furthermore informs on the participation in various international events, for example conferences of ITMF, ICAC, BCI or the Textile Partnership, and, of course on the International Cotton Conference Bremen.

Part 3 gives an account of the collaboration with the closer co-operation partners ICA Bremen and Faserinstitut Bremen e. V. (FIBRE) and their range of activity.

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The annual report 2017 of the Bremen Cotton Exchange can be purchased at a special price of 100 Euro including VAT if applicable. Orders may be placed in the Cotton Shop on the homepage of the Bremen Cotton Exchange:


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