Globalisation has always been a part of the cotton trade. Cotton and its consumption were, and still are an international business through and through.

This also applies to our work as an association. The Bremen Cotton Exchange is a member of numerous international working groups. Global networking is of great relevance to the cotton world in achieving common goals or sharing information and research results internationally.

The Bremen Cotton Exchange’s membership of the organisations and working groups listed below is a good way to gain different levels of influence and to obtain information, not only for our association’s work, but also for our members. Our international network extends from the international umbrella organisation of cotton associations, CICCA, via the political level of the ICAC in Washington through to the SEEP Working Group dealing with sustainability issues on a scientific Level

Selected nodes of our competence network are:

CICCA – Committee for International Co-operation between Cotton Associations

ICAC – International Cotton Advisory Committee

SEEP- Expert Panel on the Social Environmental and Economic Performance of Cotton

PSAP – Private Sector Advisory Panel

CSITC – Commercial Standardisation of Instrument Testing of Cotton

ITMF – International Textile Manufacturers Federation

German Alliance for Sustainable Textiles

Industry Advisory Board of the Textile Development and Marketing Department, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

DNFI – Discover Natural Fibres Initiative

ACME – Association of Cotton Merchants in Europe

If you have any questions about our network, we will be happy to help you.





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