Sometimes exceptional situations require exceptional measures.

We are now facing this challenge here in Bremen on the occasion of our 35th International Cotton Conference, which was to take place from 25 to 27 March. The coronavirus has been keeping the world on tenterhooks for some weeks now and, as you may have heard in the news, has also arrived in Germany and Bremen. As the organiser of an international conference, we have been forced to make a decision and it was by no means easy for us.

Due to the prevailing global threat from Covid-19, we will postpone the 35th International Cotton Conference Bremen for one year.

The World Health Authority (WHO), as well as the European and German health authorities are advising of significant health risks from transmission of the coronavirus. According to the Federal Foreign Office, data on the new virus is currently still limited, which makes risk assessment even more difficult.

The International Cotton Conference Bremen has an exceptionally good reputation. The high standard of the lectures, the intensive panel discussions and the active networking inside and outside the Town Hall – none of this would have been possible against the backdrop of the current virus problem.

However, it is our wish to organise a successful Cotton Conference for each participant. We want to live our “Passion for Cotton” freely. We want to offer our speakers an audience that has travelled to Bremen from all over the world without hesitation and in the usual number. Our top-class lectures deserve a correspondingly high level of attention that would not have been possible in the current environment.

We would like to offer our guests from all over the world a relaxed atmosphere in which people can discuss, learn and celebrate with a clear head and without the threat of a virus.

In total, participants from more than 40 nations travel to Bremen for the Cotton Conference. In addition to the main conference, there are numerous side events. Many of our guests and conference participants are currently unsettled by the many negative reports. In the context of their responsibility, the organisers, the Bremen Cotton Exchange and the Fibre Institute Bremen, take the risks and concerns of all participants extremely seriously and would like to ensure planning reliability given the situation.

The 35th International Cotton Conference Bremen with the motto “Passion for Cotton” will now take place from 17 to 19 March 2021.

We sincerely hope that you will share our assessment of the situation and will be there again in a year to shape our conference with us.

Thank you for your understanding!

Jens D. Lukaczik  (President)                                         Prof Axel S. Herrmann (Director)
On behalf of the Board of the                                         Fibre Institute Bremen
Bremen Cotton Exchange                                                              

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